Opportunities Don't Just Happen. You Create Them.

We are a duo of passionate, enthusiastic and driven professionals who are determined to tackle the recruitment world from a new angle. 

Armed with years of solid experience in recruitment and business management across multiple industries, and with overwhelming support from our families, we set out in pursuit of a fulfilling career where we could make genuine impact to businesses and could pour our passion into creating our own legacy.  

Our past experience of costly and dissatisfied service within the recruitment industry led us to develop our business philosophy, which is to deliver an innovative and unmatched experience of recruitment services to our clients. What differentiates us from our competitors is our inherent belief in customer service. Our patience in understanding our clients exact needs, and with a touch of hustle, allows us to deliver exactly what we promise.


We hope to share our journey with those who share the same beliefs and values as us, and in time will develop a community of powerful people who are invested in supporting each others success and enabling growth both personally and professionally.


We hold an innovation advantage by employing a  “think outside the box” strategy, and draw upon multiple creative channels to connect the very best candidates to businesses. We are genuinely excited about exploring new and unique ways to connect with the elite.  

We work collaboratively to understand your needs. Whether you're on the hunt for a job or an employee with a project, we partner with you to develop a plan that is uniquely tailored to you. We will ensure we have a complete understanding of your culture, vision and goals. 

We are passionate about providing the highest level of support – from the first touch point, through to execution of your recruiting needs. The dedication to you continues, with candidates gaining access to our online Simply Elite training academy for . 

End-to-End Solutions
Tailored Partnership
Innovative Networking

Do other recruiters place an ad on seek and wait for the right candidate to come to them?

At Simply Elite, we take a proactive approach and have partnered with a large network to grow our database and to explore all avenues of recruitment.


Whilst SEEK is a strong platform of recruitment, we believe in developing networks, getting into communities, business network links, social media and exploring other non traditional methods of recruitment.

Do you find that higher income deriving roles are prioritised and other roles are neglected?

We are a boutique agency and started off as women who had passion and a dream and decided to go for it. All placements are valuable to us and we understand the need for acting with urgency.


Beyond placing a candidate, we want to see our clients business’s grow and this starts by having the right people working for them.

Do other recruitment agencies take the time to screen and meet candidates?

We’ve learnt that candidate focus is just as important as client focus. We are equally invested in everyone's long term growth and success. We want to know what drives and inspires each individual.


When we get to know our candidates down to the core, the rest is easy because we are always acting with the best interest at heart as opposed to overselling a position. 

Do other recruiters place the initial candidate quickly but fail to commit to the replacement guarantee?

Has your recruitment agency promised a replacement guarantee (which sounded great initially) but failed to deliver on it when time called? At Simply Elite, our candidate focus ensures that we are placing a long-term ‘best-fit’ candidate.


We strongly believe that the replacement is more important than the initial placement. Why? Because it means that we didn’t get it right the first time. Our value ‘We deliver what we promise’ says it all and we aim to deliver exactly that!

Do other recruitment agencies end their service once the invoice has been paid?

Induction, on boarding and regular reviews is an essential process in ensuring the success of a candidate. At Simply Elite, we take on the responsibility of ensuring the success of the candidate and business.


From being well informed, regular touch point and site visits, we are able to assist and allows us to build trust. 


We aim to work with individuals whom share the same values and work ethic as ourselves, to ensure all parties are aligned.


This is the key to our success.


To create clients for life by seamlessly 

connecting elite individuals to 

businesses and corporations via an 

innovative and tailored partnership approach. 

Simply put, we’re reinventing the 

world of recruitment. 

Our Mission

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